Akhtala is a historic mud-cure resort in Georgia, not far from the town of Gurjaani, Kakheti region. Akhtala resort is also a winegrowing and horticultural region of Georgia. It’s located in the Alazani valley, 122 km east of Tbilisi and is known for its mud spas. Important part of your spa stay is therapeutic mud. The volcanic eruption produces mud riched with biologically active elements. Akhtala mud is grey and liquid. Depending on a procedure it is heated to 36-48 ° C. There are diverse procedures for the mud therapy: massages, mud baths, physiotherapy and many others.   At the Akhtala resort people with skin diseases, bone and joint diseases, peripheral nervous system diseases and others are treated.  The Climate of Akhtala resort has low humidity and relatively low precipitation. You will also enjoy pure air of Akhtala larch forests.  The resort season lasts from April to December.

Treatment in Akhtala:

  • BONE AND JOINT DISEASES: Artritis and polyarthritis: Reumatoid, salt bines of specific and non specific dicposition on the joint surface. Diseases of the vertebral column – Spondylosis, after the period of wrench and franctures.
  • PERIPHERAL NERVOUS SYSTEM DISEASES: Sciatica,sciatic inflammationm – Ischias. Residual poliomyelitis, paresis caused by cerebral paralysis.
  • FEMALE GENITAL ORGAN DESEASES THAT OFTEN CAUSE INFERTILITY. Plug and chronic inflammation of the uterus, function impairmant, scarring of the pelvic cavity. Obstruction or impairment of fallopii tube.
  • SKIN DESEASES: PSORIASIS, ECZEMA AND OTHERS. Mud, together with procedures used in the treatment with modern equipment.

Day 1: Arrival in Tbilisi. Transfer to a hotel. Excursion. Overnight.

After breakfast a moderate combination of sightseeing and walking tour of Tbilisi charming town built in the 5th century along the twisting valley of the Mtkvari River. All the places of interest are very close to each other, within a few minutes’ walk. Start the tour in Old Town at the 13th century Metekhi church. The viewing platform in front of the church offers, probably, the most scenic views of the Old Tbilisi.

Next you will have an opportunity to visit the ancient Narikala Fortress. It is the most famous sight of the Old Tbilisi, esteemed by the locals as «Soul of the City». Then we will visit important historical part of the city- Abanotubani district, where the well-known Sulfur Baths are located. It is here where the story of construction of Tbilisi begins, because “tbili” in Georgian means “warm”. When king Gorgasali discovered these springs he gave an order to build the city here. In olden times magical healing properties were attributed to these springs, but now everyone knows the profits of sulfur baths. Free dinner. Walk along the Shardeni street. Its restoration was begun several years ago and the street was supposed to be the town of masters like Montmartre (Paris), but now it is rather the Champs Elysees with numerous restaurants and cafes, boutiques and a few salons.

Tour of Sioni. Walk over The Bridge of Peace – it is a foot-bridge over the river Mtkvari. The bridge is beautiful during both the day and night hours,   because it has a very special interactive display system. The Bridge of Peace of Tbilisi is in the list of the great bridges in the world.Visit of Sameba. This majestic building is located on the top of st. Ilia hill, at the very heart of the city.

Tsminda Sameba (Holy Trinity Cathedral) is the main cathedral of the Georgian Orthodox Church. Sameba is the largest temple in the Transcaucasia. Supper. Overnight.

Day 2: Breakfast at a hotel. Transfer to Kakheti (Gurdjaani) at Spa. Overnight

Gurdjaani is locate in eastern Georgia, in a winegrowing region, Kakheti. Gurdjaani is known as a motherland of ancient temples and wineries. You will visit the church of the Assumtion of the Blessed Virgin which was built in VIII century and unique for its two domes. Gurdjaani is also known for its monument of the movie “Soldure’s father” which became a classic of Georgian movie classics. Overnight.

Day 3-11: Breakfast at the resort. SPA treatment.

Therapeutic mud as many other natural factors is widly used in traditional medicine from the ancient times. It is known that Egyptians used Nile sludge to cure some diseases. Ancient Romans and Greeks were treated by mud. There are reliable historical facts that Roman Caesars were building temples at the places where they and their families were cured. Later (XVII century) mud therapy became popular in France and Germany. And now you can feel advantage of this opportunity in Georgia!

Treatment takes 10 days! And after you will feel relief and easy! Our qualified specialists will help you to get rid of the illness for the all following years.

Day 12: After 10 days treatment transfer to Tbilisi Airport. Departure.

Day 12: After 10 days treatment transfer to Tbilisi Airport. Departure.

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