Wines from over fifteen appellations are currently produced in Georgia. Approximately forty different grape varieties are used for wine manufacturing in Georgia. Wines are traditionally named after the location in which they are produced. Singular varietals bear the name of the grape from which they are produced.

Favorite Red grape varieties:

Saperavi is by far the most popular red grape variety used in production. The word “saperavi” translates to “for color”. While often combined with other grape varieties, Saperavi is most commonly vinted as a singular dry red varietal. This grape is a staple in Georgian red wine manufacturing.

Tavkveri is a red grape known for its flexibility. It is used to produce wines ranging from dry red to sparkling.

Mujuretuli grapes are used in partnership with Alexandrouli grapes to produce the deliciously sweet Kvanchkara wines of the Racha region.

Usakhelouri grapes are native to Western Georgia. The dark orb shaped berries ripen late and are revered for their “peppery” characteristic.

Chkhaveri grapes are grown along the Black Sea coastal areas of Adjara and Guria to produce an array of rose wines, including sparkling varieties.

Ojaleshi grapes are native to the Semegrelo region. Ruby colored berries yield semi-sweet/sweet wines with red fruit bouquet and spicy undertones.

Shavkapito grapes are indigenous to the region of Kartli. These grapes produce robust, full bodied deep red wines.

Favorite White grape varieties:

Rkhatsiteli grapes are the most predominant white variety in Georgia. Grown in the eastern region of Kakheti, sommeliers commonly note hints of citrus and apple.

Mtsvane Kakhuri grapes are named as such because they yield wines of a greenish hue. They are grown throughout Georgia.

Kisi grapes are native to Kakheti. This grape variety is notable for producing finer wines.

Tsolikouri grapes are an ancient variety native to the region once known as Colchis (Imereti). These grapes are the most popular white variety of western Georgia.

Below is a list of famous wines of Georgia which are popular domestically as well as internationally.


This special white wine is a source of pride for Georgian wine makers. It bears a light straw color with a fine fruity bouquet and soft delicate taste. It has been produced in Georgia since 1886.

Made from 80% Rkatsiteli and 20% Mtsvane grapes
Alcohol 10 – 12%


A premium red semisweet wine with a bold fragrant bouquet and dark pomegranate hue, it flaunts hints of chocolate. It has been produced in Georgia since 1958.

Made from Saperavi grapes
Alcohol 11 – 12%


This is a high-quality red semisweet wine with the intense color of overripe cherry. Its special bouquet delivers a mild velvety taste. Kindzmarauli is one of the most famous wines of Kakheti.

Alcohol 10 – 12%


Perhaps the most oft regaled of Georgian wines among international sommeliers, Saperavi is a dry red varietal of opaque incarnadine hue. It has been produced in Georgia since 1886.

Alcohol 10.5 – 13%


This is a semidry white wine, light straw in color. Tbilisiuri boasts a sweet and sour disposition with the subdued aroma of immature grapes. This is made from a combination of grapes from the Kartli region.

Alcohol 10 – 11.5%


Produced in the western region of Racha in the Rioni valley, this semi sweet wine is made from Tsololikouri grapes. It is light amber in color with fruity bouquet and a soft palate.

Alcohol 10 – 12%


A rare amber wine considered being among the top 5 Georgian wines.

This varietal made from exclusively from Kisi grapes grown in vineyards no less than 50 yrs old. The wine is aged on skins. It boasts peculiar smoked pork tones and is seasoned with wood spice.

Alcohol 12.5%


This is a natural dry amber wine made in Georgia since 1948. The wine possesses a golden color, full body and distinctive fruity nose.

Alcohol 10.5%

Alazani Valley (white)

The white variety yields a semisweet wine. It is characterized by its maize hue, aromatic bouquet and mild fruity palate. It is made from Khatsiteli grapes.

Alcohol 11.5%

Alazani Valley (red)

The red variety yields a semisweet ruby tinted wine with innuendos of wild berry. Both red and white varieties have been produced in Georgia since 1977.

Alcohol 12%


This dry amber variety has a harmonious bouquet with soft fruity tones. It is typically made according to European methods. Due to the mild climate of the region, the berries yield a softer, yet complex flavor. It is made from Khatsiteli grapes grown on the left bank of the Alazani river.

Alcohol 10 – 12.5%


This singular varietal white wine from Western Georgia has a characteristic light barley hue. It typically vints for a minimum of two years in oak casks. It is produced in Imereti according to European methods.

Varietal 10.5 – 12.5%


Made from Alexandrouli and Jushuretuli grapes grown on the southern slopes of greater Caucasus Mountains, this semi-sweet wine is known for its distinctive ruby color and well developed bouquet.

Alcohol 10.5 – 13%