1. General provisions
1.1. Web site user / visitor – www.tbgeorgia.ge (hereinafter – site) is obliged to read the below mentioned rules / hereinafter – the terms of use, before rendering services to the Website;
1.2. Non-compliance with the terms of use does not exempt customers from fulfilling their obligations arising from the acquisition of services.
2. The essence of the site
2.1. The site is an internet platform through which the user can connect to a private tour operator on the territory of Georgia and receive a service, which is mentioned on the web-site;
2.2. Upon receiving the service, the user will automatically connect to the relevant tour operator in electronic form, according to which the tour operator provides the service and the user receives it. The site is not a party to the service agreement and, accordingly, after receiving the service, the Website will not be liable for any disagreement arising between the private tour operator and the customer;
2.3. The customer is obliged to pay the service fee to the tour operator on place, with cash in the national currency or while booking by bank transit, depending on invoice made by operator.
2.4. Although the web site maximally controls the quality of service provided by private tour operators, the site shall not be liable for any damages caused by a private tour operator regarding the services and/or regarding improper conditions;
2.5. The site is not responsible for the inaccuracy, incompatibility and other similar circumstances of the information posted on the web site;
2.6. The website is entitled to help the user in a reasonable framework, in dealing with disputes / disagreements with the tour operator, but this is not a websites obligation;
2.7. Terms of use are regulated by the Georgian legislation. Any dispute in relation to the rules of use is subject to jurisdiction of the courts of Georgia.
2. The bookings with other company’s mediation
3.1 In case the tour prepared by us is booked on another web site, which whom, we are collaborating legally, we are taking all the responsibilities that is mentioned in the contract form between us and partner company (or their web-site).
3.2 The prices of the tours on with our partner’s web site might not match on our published prices on our web-site, it shouldn’t provide problem between us, partner company and costumer.
2. Cancellations
4.1 While working with us on the direct way the tour is only booked when costumer receives invoice, charges booking percent and sends us signed and completed transaction. In case of the tour is canceled by the costumer’s wish, we are not returning charged percent to them.
4.2 In case of bookings by big groups and companies, costumers should sign the contract form which is made by us.
4.3 In case of cancellations of the tour that is booked through our partner company or touring web-site, cancellation charges are covered depending on contract form that we have already signed when we’ve started with them.
4.4 All the tours with us are guaranteed, and we can send you proving letter of it that has legal power.
4.5 In case we cancel our tour which is booked through our partner company or web, we take responsibility and pay fine that is mentioned between us and partner company in our contract form.