Climate in Georgia is affected by subtropical influences from the west and Mediterranean influences from the east. Weather in Georgia gets very hot in July and August. Summers are not only hot, but long. The average August temperature throughout the country is +23…+26 °С. Precipitation evenly falls throughout the year. Summer in Georgia is really diverse. West part is hot, stuffy and green. Central part of the country, in contrast with its west part, has few forests and often receives dry winds from Azerbaijan. Also there are steppes in the middle part of the country. Phion, a dry warm wind, is frequent in Kutaisi; it causes warming and decrease of humidity.

Climate of western Georgia features heavy precipitation (1000-2000 mm per year) with maximum rainfall in the autumn and winter. Southern part of Kolkhida Lowlands is particularly rainy. To the north from this part the climate becomes less humid. To the east from seacoast the rainfall decreases. Winter in Georgia is warm and mild.

The whole eastern coast of the Black Sea features warm and sunny weather even in the winter. In December, when mountains are covered with snow, in Kolkhida trees become green and sun shines so brightly that you can sunbathe and swim in the sea. However, sometimes winter in Kolkhida Lowlands may be cold with frosts and snowfalls, caused by sudden inrush of arctic air from the north. Such falls of temperature affect on heat-loving citrus crops.

September and October are tourist seasons in Georgia. At this time water in the Black Sea is still warm and in the mountains the weather allows you to ski at that. Certainly it is the period of pleasant and warm weather and harvest of autumn fruits and vegetables.