Bochorma, the main Kakhetin fortress, is located on a hillside 1,000 m above the sea level. From such a height the surroundings from all sides were visible as far as eyes could see. Such ideal site made Bochorma fortress the political centre of ancient Kakheti kingdom in the 10 th century.

Bochorma, which now lies in ruins, consisted of two parts: internal and external. The internal part of the fortress used to be surrounded by the wall with built-in battle towers. This part comprises St. George church (the 10 th century) which has survived along with the fragments of paintings (the 12 th century) and the iconostasis (the 18 th century). In an external part there are the ruins of the tower from which you will have the view of the surroundings. The fortress territory still has a number of structures built for various purposes. In the days of Georgian tsar Irakli II the fortress was thoroughly restored and went on protecting the region approaches until the end of the 18 th century.